Smart Ride is a compact, self-contained training system worn by the rider to aid in their development of proper balance. The patented device consists of three components: a sensor pad accurately measures force exerted between the rider and saddle, a controller containing a microprocessor, lithium-ion rechargeable battery, and all of the supporting circuitry necessary to process signals from the sensor pad and breeches specially-designed to accommodate each component in safety and comfort.

The sensor pad continually measures force exerted on the saddle by the rider at dozens of points and sends the information to the controller. Enclosed in a durable, water-resistant neoprene pouch, the sensors are protected from friction, pounding, dust and moisture. This also shields the rider from feeling any of the inner workings of the device. The pad is removable so the breeches can be laundered and the pad wiped clean with a sponge or brush and soapy water.



The pocket-sized controller processes thousands of signals per second from the sensor pad and performs all of the necessary computations to determine the rider’s precise center with respect to the saddle. This information is conveyed to the rider through a pair of tiny vibrators placed at his/her belt-line exactly like the “buzz” from a cell phone or pocket pager. The unit also contains a super bright indicator light to provide a visual signal even in bright daylight.

The sensitivity of the system may be adjusted up or down in the field to match the rider’s skill level and personal preference. A special “gait mode” configures the system to react to the animal’s gait. Battery life depends on the amount and style of riding but should be adequate for a typical day’s use.

The breeches are designed to be worn over the rider’s existing gear. Comfortable full-stretch Lycra and Velcro hold the sensing pad in the proper position while a full seat of synthetic suede provides the rider with the durability and grip they need. Zippers are conveniently provided on each side to allow the Smart Ride to be slipped on without removing boots or spurs. Velcro closures prevent them from slipping up the rider’s leg.

A secure pocket for the controller is strategically placed for access to the controls without interfering with a bridle, whip or any of the riders normal movements.

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