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“I think [Equisens] is super. It really helps riders know… reality.”

– Hilda Gurney, USDF Hall of Fame Inductee

“Equisens is extremely accurate and some of my students have already benefitted from it.”

– Charlotte Bredahl-Baker, Olympic Bronze Medalist & Int’l Judge

“I found the [Equisens] pants to be an amazing product and useful tool for my training and instruction.  They show me things the human eye can’t pick up and have made my riders more aware. This is a product, that I can definitely incorporate into my program.”

–      Kristina Harrison, Paddock Riding Club, Los Angeles

2 Responses to Community

  1. Jessica Teona Schley says:

    This is a wonderful training tool! I was fortunate to try out one of the prototypes when it was being designed, and am eager to try out the final version! It was a very helpful tool for discovering my center of gravity and for learning where I place my weight in the saddle laterally. Thank you Equi-sens!

    Jessica Schley
    dressage rider/jumper

  2. Catherine Gallegos says:

    Congrats on a brilliant idea whose time has come – and congratulations for turning your idea into reality for riders around the globe who will benefit from learning (and re-learning) to ride within their true center of gravity. Wow – Centered Riding for the modern age. Please keep us trainers posted so that we can discuss this technology with others. Many wonderful horses will soon be sending their thanks too!

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