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Brigitte Huber was born with the horse bug. She grew up in her native Switzerland on her parent’s ranch hunting and jumping horses and ponies through the forest. At fifteen, the precocious teenager persuaded her parents to let her work through a three year apprenticeship studying with Ernst Wettstein in order to qualify for her Bereiter’s license. She was fortunate enough, at that time, to spend a month at the acclaimed Spanish Riding School in Vienna, Austria observing them train the famed Lipizzaner stallions. With her Bereiter’s license in hand, she  exchanged the chilly gray Swiss winters for the warm azure of Spain’s Costa del Sol where she competed in dressage at the Grand Prix level. It was there she developed her love of Andalusian horses. Eventually she brought her unique knowledge of horsemanship to Southern California and the Santa Ynez Valley where she trains and performs Andalusians for exhibitions and dressage. She is fluent in German, Spanish and English and resides permanently in Southern California.

Robert Feinberg grew up in Southern California where he spent much of his youth around recreational boats developing skills in electronics, mechanical systems and seamanship. He sailed around the world in his late teens as Engineer and Navigator and eventually repeated the adventure a decade later as Captain. He studied mathematics and computer science at UCLA and was lured into careers working with a wide range of computer systems and data processing technologies. He helped his long-time sailing partners establish Somera Communications, Inc. which grew to $220 million in annual revenue where he acquired extensive experience in business and financial operations. Most recently, he’s joined Global Power Supply, a full service provider of critical power solutions where he functions as Director of Operations. He currently serves on the Board of Directors of Xenotope Diagnostics, a San Antonio-based biotechnology company.

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