A skillful rider is always in balance with the horse, maintains a correct position in every gait and movement and possesses a commanding, but relaxed, presence, able to direct the horse with nearly invisible aids. The rider’s mounted position greatly affects the rider’s performance and ability to control the horse and ride correctly.

Equisens is the unlikely pairing of equitation with advanced micro-circuitry and materials science

The Smart Ride Balance Sensor, the only portable electronic training system worn by riders to aid in their development of proper balance, was developed for the sole purpose of improving the training and riding experience for both horse and rider.

Please visit our Products section and check back frequently for announcements about the Smart Ride balance sensor and development of additional training devices.

View a webinar conducted by Mary Wanless, internationally renowned coach and author of the ‘Ride With Your Mind’ books discussing the Equisens balance sensor with founder Robert Feinberg (audio transcript here):

Watch USDF Hall of Fame inductee Hilda Gurney speak about the Equisens Smart Ride balance sensor in her presentation titled “Harmonizing With Your Horse” at the Adequan/USDF Annual Convention:

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